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When the dumb-ass baby mama starts shit because she is jealous of the new woman.
Baby mama probably got pregnant on purpose thinking she could hold on to the man-finds out ain't nothin' happening and gets mad. (Hint: The new woman probably doesn't have kids)
by tay-tay June 06, 2005
441 165
when the mother, who you are not married to, of one or more of your children starts negatively interferring with your life, especially where other women are concerned; consists frequently of open public displays of anger and loud verbal assaults, hand gestures, head-shaking, etc.; The goal is to cause the father embarrassment either in front of his new lady friend, his close male friends, or his immediate family; it provides the baby mama a brief feeling of control in a situation where she typically has none as a struggling single mom.
"Man I was at the club hangin' with this fine thick sista that I'm seein' now, when that bitch popped up droppin' all kinda baby mama drama about needin' diaper money for my son and shit!"
by dHALL October 18, 2007
253 36
Phonomena where the black female 'single' parent lives her life as a narrative where the father of at least one of her children is blamed for any or all of her life challenges.
Since you've been with your new boyfriend all I get from you is Baby Mama Drama.
by Mark Rosmar October 08, 2009
56 42
Babymamadrama is any action, talk or emotion revolving around overly involved mothers and their kids. These are mothers who LIVE completely for their children, are defined by their motherhood, but exact a price - they demand a level of attachment and almost lover-like relationship from their kids.
That Jocasta, Queen of Thebes! She has her son, Oedipus, kill her husband then marries the boy!! What a bunch of babymamadrama!!
by Whitt March 09, 2007
16 15
This is when the women doesn't conform to current eviromental standards. She is in the dark on the whether to choose baby einstein or one of the current reading programs. She also may not be aware of her english grammer skills or how to properly be a mother.
example: OMG you just showed my baby a flash card of an elephant! He can't be seein pictures of big things. my baby oh oh my baby you best be bettin i be getting u ass!!! ohhhhh ohhhhhhh f*** Y** babys daddy ! u got "baby mama drama"
by b-rad999 July 09, 2010
15 59