wHeN dA bAby's fAtHa tHinx dA biTcH sTiLL oWez hiM sOmetHinG
DaMn yo, dAt biTch sTiLL bE trYinG to TakE mE to CoUrt foR mY cAsH, aiNt nuThiNg bUt SuM baBy MamA's DrAma.
by Da H0nKeY January 12, 2003
Top Definition
when a woman gives her babys father pure hell, beggin for money, saying he cant see his kids, calling when she need somethin', wont work, if she does work she think the father should pay for all the kids expenses. always startin drama, and ghetto to the bone.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
When a guy has a child wit one woman trys to develop a relationship with another while still dealing ith the baby's mother on a relational/sexual level. His excuse to his new partner.
"I gotta deal with he so I don't have to deal with her drama."

"That's my baby's mama, I gotta see what she wants or else Im'a have drama."
by 100% Beauty March 16, 2005
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