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A derogatory term used to identify Vietnam-era veterans returning from the war in the late 1960's and early 1970's.
"Look what's getting off the plane. Friggin' baby killer!"
by Brainiac January 07, 2005
Someone who supports illegal and immoral wars, where children become victims of the violence.
Those Bush supporters talk real tough, but they are just babykillers.
by allen olsona September 02, 2006
A drink consisting of straight vodka on the rocks. Baby killers are rated on a scale of 1-10, based on the amount of babies they could kill. Generally, cheaper vodkas will increase the bk content.
"Bartender, I'll have 2 baby killers please."
by dabk March 15, 2009
what the racist paramilitary watt calls all irishmen
the watt called all irishmen baby killers but because he was a OUSA rep no action was taken against his bigoted, racist views.
by watt is a racist June 23, 2004
A large four wheel drive vehicle, big enough to theoretically crush a child without the driver even noticing.
Did you see Frank's new Explorer? What a fucking babykiller.
by Bobby6901 October 10, 2011
when a girl is giving oral sex to a man, the man cums in her mouth and she swallows it.
"man my girls a baby killer, she swallowed every drop!
by huckbulla July 01, 2009
*A person who kills babies, perhaps on a regular basis.

*One of the most popular hacks, by liberals, toward the United States of America, pro-troop attestors (really called pro-war, but sometimes it's pro-troop, like a pro-war rally I went to), George W Bush, and republicans in general.
"America does NOT slaughter children. In fact, if you have the BALLS to see the truth, you'll find that our troops like to play with Iraqi children, but only when they get the free-time."

"George W Bush is NOT a baby-killer. In fact, if you have the BALLS to see the truth, you'll find that the Dubya cares deeply about children and wants them to go through school and make their own decisions in life......Laura Bush also hopes that children learn to read, but you have to wish her luck because of the dominating illiterates in this country!"

"Not all republicans are evil. Bush isn't evil, Charlton Heston isn't evil, my philosophy teacher isn't evil, I'm not evil......republicans are said to mostly be people who work for a living......but you shouldn't expect close-minded pussies to listen."
by Dave July 08, 2004
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