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a euphemism for 'vagina' : the gap where babies come from
I went to Baby Gap the other day.
by Axion22 November 17, 2006
29 24
When you wear clothes that are too small and don't fit you to make yourself look like you have more muscles.
That kid in my lunch is wearing a baby gap shirt.
by JOORELRYLY December 06, 2006
51 17
When you insert your male organ in between a female's pregnant stomach and breasts and thrust repeatedly. Results intensify as the pregnancy gets further along.
Dude, I totally Baby Gapped some pregnant bitch I met at the mall today.
by Matthew Donilly May 30, 2008
40 12
one who wears a shirt that is many sizes to small. usually thinks he was a body builder, mac store manager, wind-mill operator, God, person who knows everything

You know who he is!

Baby Gap
by Baby-gap-baby July 01, 2011
3 4
Such brands as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and Banana Republic because their clothes are made to small for the average man.
Bro #1: Hey, where did you get that sweater, I just love it!

Bro#2: Thanks! I got it from Baby Gap!
by Pjfan2 April 23, 2009
9 10
A nickname given to men who are small in size. Usually short with a small build. Can probably fit in children's clothing
Your so small." "So?" "Don't you still fit in Baby Gap clothes? Your in your 30's
by RGSS3 January 28, 2011
3 5
something that is small
with your baby gap booty...
why you got them baby gap clothes on
by kizzy16 April 05, 2009
2 6