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When one gets blacked out drunk to the point that they revert to behaviors exhibited early in their adolescence. i.e. random nakedness, insubordination, and lack of control of their bowels.
"Chris was so drunk last night that he took off all his clothes and tucked his dick between his legs and said he looked like his sister when she gets out of the bath. He was definitely baby drunk."
by volcom2752 April 05, 2010
When a woman is pregnant and cannot make a sound decision or make up her mind.
You don't know what you are talking about because you are baby drunk.
by K Lang July 13, 2006
To be so drunk, all one can do is stumble around babbling nonsense until one falls down crying and passes out.
Yo, that bitch is baby drunk. Lemme go hit that up.
by Sizzlor August 28, 2006

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