A seriously misleading syndrome. A man who seemingly has an extremely small penis will surprise even the sluttiest college girls when they get hard. Don't be disappointed if your guy seems like he has a small one, because he may just surprise you with a anaconda that would put even the most well-endowed porn super-star to shame.
Woman One: "Damn girl, I can't believe you say Tyrone had a big cock. He was so small! I ran out of that room so fast!"

Woman Two: "No, girl! He has Baby Dick Syndrome! He's HUGE when he's hard."

Woman One: "Dammit..."
by DanizzleFoShizzle July 19, 2011
Top Definition
The medical condition in which your dangler does not develop beyond the size of a babies. Usually less then two inches erect.
Brad wanted to have sexual intercourse with a lady, however he was unable to preform because he suffers from Baby Dick Syndrome
by safehammer November 29, 2006
It's when you are being a wussy about something or a cry baby. Also it simply means you have a baby dick.
Dakota was complaining about pain in his groin area so nasboss told him that he's being a baby dick and that he could also be suffering front baby dick syndrome!
by nasboss August 27, 2014
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