A person usually in a video game that tends to cry or "QQ" about miniscule things. Also can be looked at as weak or a "noob".
"That whole team was full of Baby Buffalo, they just kept dieing over and over again!"
#weak #noob #bad #terrible #giveup
by Tirain October 27, 2011
Top Definition
a player in a online first person shooter that runs in the open area of a map only to be shot and killed time after time.
a baby buffalo is grazing at the b flag.
#retard #idiot #moron #stupid #dumb
by lazy_samurai July 06, 2010
I really bad player in a FPS shooter online game who keeps running out in the open and getting shot.
FPS Russia keeps killing that Baby Buffalo with direct impact noob tubes
#baby #buffalo #mw2 #cod #fps kyle
by zzirBuffalo October 16, 2010
Someone who is weak and helpless, just like a baby buffalo in Africa.
Also, can be said as "baby buff."
Josh, quit being such a baby buffalo.
#baby buff #baby #buffalo #babie #bufalo. buff
by Pacalo February 25, 2015
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