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After coming home from Dairy Queen, your friend, relative, or significant other puts their DQ Blizzard in the freezer for later. You pull a fast one and ejaculate into their Blizzard mix it around and put it back.
Jillian: Charlie, I'll be right back, I have to pick up my mother at the airport. Can you take care of the dogs and please don't eat my Dairy Queen!

Charlie: Yeah no problem.(Takes out phone to call Frank)

Frank: Whats up?

Charlie: Baby Batter Blizzard.

Frank: I love you.
by SchlongJohnSilvers December 23, 2012
when you shoot a load in a blizzard frozen treat and feed it to some whore, probably tylers mom
"i just gave Tyler's whore ass mom a baby batter blizzard"
"oh snap ! that bitch sits four!"
by anus greasley December 02, 2007
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