Babu is a middle easern term, roughly translated "the precious one." Conventionally, it is used to describe things that have exceeding understood qualities, and can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb.
This weed is Babu, for sheezy!
Check out this nice car, its a real Babu.
I've been savin up 3 grand so i can Babu my crib!
by t-money January 18, 2005
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a word used by Indian parents (from India/ not native american) for their younger children. Means baby/little one.. used a loving manner.
mom: "babu, what did you do in school today?"
Kid/ aka babu: "we learned our colors mommy!"
by Sonia8778 May 11, 2008
The pimp of all pimps...the one w/ the biggest pinky ring of ALL BIATCH
Meet my Babu. babus gonna beat ur kerpal's ass
by babz July 26, 2004
1. an informal name used to address someone out of affection; usually a significant other; beloved or loved one
2. a person or thing that one loves and/or unconditionally, romantically, and selflessly

3. someone highly cared for by someone who loves them
4. an admirer, a boyfriend/girlfriend, loved/beloved, wife/husband
Girl to her friend: My babu is taking me out on a date tonight to the movies. :-)

Boy to his friend: I love my babu, and we are getting married soon!!

Girl to Boy: I would do anything for you, Babu!
by Babudoll May 20, 2015
DJ from Japan who came to America and blessed us with his outrageous skills.
A member of the Beat Junkies, and Dilated Peoples.
Also coined the word turntablist.
See Turntablist
DJ Babu, the duckmeister general.
by jazzmatic January 20, 2005
Any person that works in a mini grocery store.
me:babu bring for me two chips 3oman and one laban up
babu:wokay no problem
by A Babooist March 05, 2005
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