A large family consisting of mildly overweight blond haired, blue-green eyed, fairly pale honkeys.
Also, see Amazing.
That Babin family is freaking amazing!
by The Amazing Babin Clan October 14, 2008
Top Definition
To "babe", be a "babe", be "attractive".
"Wow, check it out, that guy is Babin!"
by gysenn April 30, 2010
Anything that is good, awesome, or excellent. A day where nothing can go wrong is a babins day. Babins can be used anytime, anyplace, and in front of any audience.
Tim- "Bro, Chipotle is giving away free burritos today!"
Jared- "Are you kidding me man?! That is Babins!"
by dutchmen96 June 22, 2010
To have the characteristics of a babe; incredibly attractive to the point of premature ejaculation.
person 1:Sweet fucking christ, Sherley is babin'!
person 2:No shit sherlock.
by Nutzo March 05, 2008
A made up word substituted for words such as "cool" or "great."
Jared: That's so babins.
Curt: That's so not a word.
by snebbir October 12, 2011
To describe a chick that is a always a real babe. Someone that is rediculously hot, is babin'
Hollie is babin'
by coggab September 01, 2011
A baby, a term of endearment, also used on cute boys =] ie: puppies, kittens, anything young or cute
OMG! Look at the babin over there!

Awww what an adorable babin!

Sam and Smoket are such cute babins.
by EmmaAmberEmberkcool September 15, 2008
The act of calling someone babe or some other pet name (e.g. toots)
1. Dude, you were babin' that hottie on the first date?

2. Yea, I know and now she thinks I'm a real creeper
by jwson February 12, 2011
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