Derived from the shoe company Bathin Apes, Babin Ades are the ghetto version; artistically designed by the owner of any plain white pair of shoes, the Bathin Apes symbol of a star is added with black sharpie, creating Babin Ades.
"I like those Bapes your rockin."

"Oh, these aren't Bathin Apes, These are Babin Ades."
by GGGG Sharpe January 14, 2008
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That which those who are uninformed, ignorant, retarded, or possibly a combination of the three, believe is the proper pronounciation of "bathin apes".
Assclown: "What the fuck is bathin apes?
Non-retard: "Bathin apes; you know, bapes?"
Assclown: "OHH, you mean babinades"
by The Raper October 25, 2008

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