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(N.) A Euphemism for a Really, Really, Hot Girl! A girl so hot, even if she was a city-wrecking monster, no man could be able to stop her because no one would want to destroy such a hottie. She makes men "putty in her hands" and is totally irresistable, thus she can't be stopped.
Like I said before, Beyonce is such a Babezilla.
by G-Union 2 August 30, 2004
This is a women whom is known as a monster in bed. She breaths perfume and terrorizes the japanese. She is immortal and irresistable to men. She has a mole on her big toe that looks like an eyeball which many believe allows her to see into the hearts of men.
"I totally, like, fear the babezilla but what I fear more is not making love to her to my full capacity" "BABEGIRRA!!!"
by Androsscity January 18, 2007
deciding a woman is hot without seeing her face then discovering that she is UGLY !!!
met a girl in the bar last night but she turned out to be a babezilla.
by christophoro1 July 08, 2010
I Huge chick, I mean fucking huge. She is huge but has a mind like a flower. She can make bread, like really good bread that she put cinammon in. She eats people to sustain her chub giving her the suffix "zilla." She is a very misunderstood figure that just wants to be loved, much like a cross between "Godzilla" and "King-Kong"
"Hey dude, look at that Babezilla she may not be pretty but I'm sure she's beautiful at heart; let's go have a threesome with her."
by Andrewaaaa June 20, 2005
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