A violent and sometimes even fatal mental response that occurs when a person is blessed with the presence of one or more really good looking people (often referred to as 'Babes').

Cases of a Babegasms vary, depending on the number of babes in the victims presence.

Common symptoms of Babegasms:
- Waddling
- Passing out in absurd locations
- Death

9% of Babegasm sufferers have survived.
12% have died as a result of a category 5 Babegasm
The other 79% are still missing..

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Leonard: Dude, you will never guess who's at the front door talking to Amy!

Craig: ..Who?

Leonard: Kate! Damn she's fine.. Doesn't she just make you want to explore her body?

Craig: *Babegasm*

Leonard: I'm gonna ask for her number by the end of th- Woah! Where are you off to eh?

Craig: *Waddling away*

Leonard: I knew you couldn't resist! You're going for a perve aren't ya??

Craig: ....... *Waddles out of sight*

Leonard: Haha thought so.. Now where was I? *Wank Wank*
by Winning4Dummies April 18, 2011

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