The name of a great Persian hero who was the inspiration to kick the Arabs out of Persia now Iran. For cool pics check out his castle.

It an authentic Persian name and not from an Arabic or Islamic root.

Babak's are usually great looking and successful which where the other slang terms come from. They are usually powerful characters. They are charismatic, wanted by the women and respected and envied by the men. They are equivalent to the big swinging dick but only great looking.
Wow, check it out bro, the big swinging dick just came into the room but he is no Babak.

This fucker is the top dog but he lacks the charm of a Babak.
by Khoramdin January 04, 2010
Top Definition
Imperturbable perfection of the finest quality; of the same ilk or equal to the magnificence of divinity.
No one in this room is even close to being Babak.
by Babak Shahrivar January 09, 2008
is another word for Joint.
Let's smoke some Babaks.
by KingKongo53 January 04, 2016
Refering to Bombs. Babak's like to explode stuff. Their character is similar to that of a terrorist.
Man, Babak just blew up that tower.

Osama Bin Ladin was often called a Babak.
by Jim Prisscout January 28, 2014
An adjective to describe someone who bullshits a lot/chats a lot of breeze.
That man is such a Babak
by Hakiman January 25, 2011

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