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The final boss on Diablo II, can only be fought if you have the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. Has the coolest, wittiest voice in the whole game, the Druid being a distant second.
"Oh dear, I'm afraid your terms have been rejected"

-Baal, shortly after blowing a guy up.
by Sinan Alpsu April 09, 2005
Slang in Bengali. Pubic hair above penis/vagina. Widely accepted slang in Bangladesh and eastern India just as English people use the word 'fuck'
Baal, I should have played well.
Baal headache.
by mandark316 May 22, 2010
A caananite fire god. Owning tons of red-hot demoness bitches.
Baal is goin' out pimping in hell again!
by Dr. HATE March 29, 2005
1. a bushy crotch
2. a person with intelligence quota equalling a bushy crotch
3. a general swear word
1. you need to shave your baal man!
2. did u know what a huber baal my bf is??
3. baal! i thought she wouldn't notice that i'm a transvestite!
by candelina February 27, 2005
An incorrect way of writting "ball".
Baal is wrong because ball is right.
Baal can't be right because ball is right.
by TikraineJonas May 23, 2005
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