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Universal term for awesome. Can be used in any sentence or lyric. Usually describes something awesome, cool, hot, etc. Also known as grandma in some foreign languages.
Wow that shirt makes you look ba dawg
by TtownLogieBear June 29, 2011
0 5
BA means bad ass, prounouced as B.A.
You're boyfriend is such a ba yet he is so sweet to you
by rockontracy February 24, 2005
468 101
Bad-Ass, cool, awesome, amazing, wicked, sweet
Judy is SO BA!

LKE OMGZ! Look at that girl! She's sooo amazingly cool! I wish I was as BA as her.
by _vapor88 August 27, 2006
209 89
Bad Ass
Being of an awesome state
A Hard-Core Person
"Me and my team of total Bad Asses are here to protect you." - Aliens

An awesome person, with powers beyond a normal human being.
by A.J. January 22, 2004
89 20
Another great way to say, "Bas ass".
Dude... That guy just ate like 6 of those things. He's pretty B A.


I just got laid. I'm feelin' pretty B A.
by #4 March 04, 2005
133 95
Used to describe someone who is a bad ass. It can also describe acting like a bad ass.
OMG! He set off the fire alarm, that is so BA!
She said she was going to stay home and study, she is so not BA.
by FunkyPickle January 25, 2008
96 64
The abriviation of the word "Bad ass" used by young children and sons and daughters afraid of there parents to exclaim excitment.
Boy 1: I got these new ba glitter crayons!

Boy 2: Get away from me db you po me.
by Clint..... January 29, 2010
58 37
Someone who lives life on the edge and rides the metro when they're not suppose to.
OMG! That girl over there,Janine, who is breaking all the rules is such a total B.A.
by B.A.'s April 16, 2008
29 16