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A kid's attempt at saying "bro" with a speech impediment. Instead of "bro" it sounds like he is saying "bwo."
Daaaang bwo! He got over on you!
by Jebus Twice November 30, 2010
"Blue World Order"

They were formerly a stable in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1997 and briefly in the WWE in 2005. They started out by coming out each week with a parody of a wrestler or, sometimes, celebrities.
One time, the group came out as a parody of the, at the time, wildly popular nWo, calling themselves, for the first time, the Blue World Order. Their bWo parody caught on with fans, and they continued with it.
by Yuffiecakes September 25, 2006
T.A.,T.W.,Spiffyschmoo and Otter are the Bwo Elders
TA,TW,Spiffy and Otter are the coolest Bwo Elders ever
by Bwo August 11, 2003
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