used in any shocked/angry/indignant/funny situation; exclamation or statement
Nasa: i just failed my exam!
Sonia: Bwe... that sucks.


Jodie: My boyfriend just told me that he saw Lewis Black on St Laurent and i was like, "Uh, BWE!!!"


Mim: You know Mike, i made up that funny joke that you said you made up.
Mike: Bwe!
by prokomeni September 04, 2006
Top Definition
Biggest Wankfest Ever, signified by twitter hashtag #BWE. Commonly tweeted by the cool kids after enduring "A-Listers" circle jerking at social media conferences.
Thanks @DoucheCanoe and @CockBags for making this conference the #BWE
by PVSMer July 20, 2011
acronym for 'but whatever' (texting)

often used to lighten the mood

can follow a phrase that defies the other person, to make it less serious
texter1: "that girl angela is such a slut"
texter2: "actually, she's a virgin, bwe"


texter1: "so did you ask that girl out?"
texter2: "yeah. she said no, bwe"
by textingFiend February 04, 2011
(N.) The Acronym for Best Week Ever, a Nostalgic Clip/News show that airs on VH1, Friday Nights at 11:00pm.

"Best Week Ever: Why Be Book Smart?" (wub woot.)
Before "Best Week Ever," I wouldn't have known that after women have sex with Tommy Lee, they're gigantic or that owning anything by Joss Stone means you are a Corporate Slave of VH1.
by G-Union 2 November 24, 2004
BlogWorld Expo. Also known as BlogWorld & New Media Expo. The event was founded in 2007 in Las Vegas. In 2011 BlogWorld Expo had their first east coast event in New York City May 24 - 26. The west coast event is scheduled for Nov 3 - 5 in in Los Angeles. Hashtags are #BWE, #BWELA, #BWENY
I am going to BWE!
by BlogWorld July 19, 2011
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