Boyfriend Without Benefits - A boyfriend who does everything for his girlfriend, but she doesn't put out, he is generally helplessly whipped, and in the worst cases she is sleeping with other guys while dating him.

The girl wears the pants in the relationship.
Wayne's such a BWB, I told him not to date that virgin.
by PimPin October 24, 2012
Top Definition
A legendary player from Jedi Knight Academy. His skills in the game surpassed all limits. bWb is now a term given to players that show great skill.
WOW! The techniques you used in that duel were nothing less than bWb. You have incredible skill!
by rsp1218 May 05, 2005
Beauty with brain
Niki is a nice girl, a perfect example of BwB
by asshole_ind February 21, 2010
a pornographic abbreviation for "big wet butt" or "big wet booty"
i love delilah strong's bwb
by NeedTo August 03, 2008
Buds with benefits. Two guys, can be straight, bi, or gay, that like to have sex with each other. Usually restricted to oral and handjobs.
Guy 1: Man I haven't had sex in like a month, I'm blue ballin like crazy.
Guy 2: Wanna be BWB's?
Guy 1: What's that?
Guy 2: Let me show you...
by AssBanditFromDetroit April 30, 2007
n. Bitch With a Baby (an attractive young woman who has one or more children). pl. Bitches With Babies
So I was checkin' this girl out, and then I saw her pushin' a stroller, and I was like "damn, I ain't even tryin to mess wit a BWB."
by solomon January 28, 2005
Buddy With Boobs
When you plan to meet with some one and you want to be discreet, "I'm meeting a buddy....BWB"
by hokahey May 17, 2013
Besties With Benefits. Much like FWB (Friends With Benefits), but with your best friend.
It's so awesome that we're BWB!
by YourKitty July 01, 2012

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