A male or female who becomes a fan, or likes something for the fallowing reasons; impress someone fit into a crowd piss someone off

d.Because the team wins a lot (related to sports)

This person normally dose not know anything that they are talking about but think they do
Micheal Metz is a bwb because he tries to do anything to be funny and "cool"
#popular fad #bandwagon bitch #hoe #fake #bitch
by Novikid123b.b March 31, 2011
Top Definition
A legendary player from Jedi Knight Academy. His skills in the game surpassed all limits. bWb is now a term given to players that show great skill.
WOW! The techniques you used in that duel were nothing less than bWb. You have incredible skill!
by rsp1218 May 05, 2005
Basic white bitch
Look at this bwb with her leggings and boots.
by Zyel.dde December 28, 2015
Bitch with balls; usually said to a male who is acting bitchy.
Guy: heyy bitch
Girl: heyy B.W.B.
#bitch #male #balls #girl #guy
by mamacheeks June 22, 2011

An acronym used mostly on Facebook to notify another user that the chat box used in the instant messaging system has gone blank, leaving the other user unaware of what his/her friend just typed.
"Hey, what time is the party?"

" "

"huh? bwb."
#lol #b.w.b #facebook #instant messaging #im #chat #acronyms
by SAGE95 April 24, 2010
Beauty with brain
Niki is a nice girl, a perfect example of BwB
#beauty #brain #intelligent #smart #compliment
by asshole_ind February 21, 2010
a pornographic abbreviation for "big wet butt" or "big wet booty"
i love delilah strong's bwb
#booty #butt #wet #big #bbw
by NeedTo August 03, 2008
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