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"Barrio Van Nuys" a gang of southsiders, or "surenos" from the Van Nuys area of the 818 valley. Clicks consist of DST, DBS, PWS, CYS, CNTS, JKS, TVLS, PQS, and PBS. Rival gangs include BSTx3, MSx3, 18th STx3, HLSx3, VSTx3, VLSx3, PVNx3, NHx3, CPAx3, RSTx3, and SFx3. Barrio Van Nuys has been around since the early 40's.
Burro: "sup ese? where you from?"
BVN Gangster: "Barrio Van Nuys gang! Fuck burros,carnal!"
by Van Nuys Soldaro February 19, 2009
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BVN stands for Bodies of Van Nuyz or Bodyguards of Van Nuyz, that originated around the 1995s for their pride of the city of Van Nuyz California,
Van Nuyz High School and Van Nuyz Middle School are full of BVN members
by LeSaNe PeRiSh CrOoKs May 11, 2005

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