a pussy/scardy cat/ chicken

a burr is actually bird but with a African American ghetto gangster accent to it.

a chicken is a bird and if u call someone a bird it means there a chicken or scared or a pussy.
eyyy yo peter youz a burrr
by skipanshu March 16, 2009
for all y'all retards who put random shit, BURRR is what rapper Gucci Mane says after every line in order to symbolize the mad ice on his chain.
Gucci Mane so icey that i say BURRR

DecemBURRR 8th is when Gucci's album dropped
by soiceysoulja April 02, 2010
1) Something to say when you're cold.
2) Something to say when someone has said something cruel to someone else.
3) Something to rhyme with fur.
1) Burrr. It's fucking cold here in Canada.
2) Burrr. That was cruel.... What?
Poet: Oh yea, I'm wearing fur, so I don't have to say, BURRR!
Guy in Crowd: You suck!
by Cecil Love July 31, 2006
A place for pedestrians to converse, often times not worth the time or gas to go there. Most populated place in Bessemer, Michigan (prolly). Great place to sit around, idol your vehicle and waste gas! Pretty much the best place on earth.
Hey wildo! I was thinking we could meet at burrr before we go find a buyer!
by J-Off March 17, 2010
A word meaning your being sarcastic
Sean- "these cars have a great paint job"
Troy- "burrr" as troy does not believe they have good paint.
by cranga May 03, 2006
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