Means "Big Ugly Fella" in its politest form.
"Hey, did you see that guy over there? Now there's a BUF if i ever saw one"
by Gnarly Goat February 19, 2005
Top Definition
A "Big Useless Fuck." Usually a huge guy on roids that never really helps anyone do anything simply because he's too busy looking in a mirror.
Girl: Can you get Joe to help me carry my furniture into my room?
Guy: I tried but he's being a BUF.
by LeanN'Jacked August 25, 2010
Stands for Babe Under Fat. It is when a fat girl has the capability to be good-looking if she lost the weight.
"Eww look at that fat chick over there" "Dude, I don't know man I think shes a Buf!"
by MakerofBuf September 14, 2009
Back Up Fuck. When your sex partner is away and your really desperate you get a back up fuck to keep you "company".
Girl : Hey Guy my BF is out of town for the week and im really horny you wanna be my B.U.F. ?

Guy: Sure just be naked when I get there
by Black on Blue February 05, 2011
An all purpose negative word, generally used as an interjection when "ugh" "fuck off" or similar words just won't cut it.

It's an expression of disgust and, when used correctly, positively drips with disdain.

"I fucking hate tomatoes... buf."

-"Hey gorgeous, wanna go somewhere?"
by MeritaViola April 19, 2009
it means to ass fuck. jus the way that Tyler Quick and LDD like to do it.
Watch out for Tyler Quick and LDD, they might sneak up behind u and buf u
by Bam Margera March 25, 2003
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