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An individual who wears camo, construction boots, hunts, is conservative, republican, and overall trashy. Likes country music and is devout catholic or christian.
Bob: Yo did you see the camo jacket that kid was wearing?!
Fred: Hes such a bub!!!
by NYBC May 01, 2010
3 5
Big Ugly Bastard. Used often to insult slow-witted bullies.
You wanna fight, bub?!
by WildZontar January 19, 2010
4 6
Someone who can afford to pay for things but convieniently is always short or forgot his wallet.
Dude don't be a bubs, it's your turn to pay!!!
by Damnit Dave November 11, 2006
16 18
The Best of all the New lines of aroma therapy..
K2 sux BUB is where its at>>Chocolate BUB and Feugo BUB are by Far the Best!
Smoking BUB is way Better than K2 or that Spike Diamond Crap..
by FrankinismPT June 20, 2010
5 8
To speak incessantly and without much thought.
1.)I'm tired of listening to your bubbing about your day at work.
2.) Don't pay any attention to him, he'll bub about anything.
by Yemassee January 16, 2010
1 4
Break-Up Bone

the act of getting it on right before a relationship ends.
-yeah man, me and ashley broke up.

-oh dude that sucks. did you manage to sneak in the B.U.B.?
by the M.O. crew October 03, 2007
1 4
a girl who is not actually beutiful but she thinks that she's beautiful is called BUB.
"Bitch,I done told ya that you are ugly,you a Bub"!
by Layzie Buck July 28, 2010
1 5