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BTR stands for "back to room." This term is used to explain a hook up (typically of the drunk college type) that begins in public and progresses to one of the participant's dorm/frat bedrooms. Typically, sexual acts more serious than kissing/making out occur when a couple enters a bedroom, so this term implies a more intense encounter than the simple "make out in public."

Origin: The Claremont Colleges, circa 2008. Large five college dance parties foster an atmosphere where both men and women will kiss/make out with multiple partners at a single dance party. Many of temporary couplings are not serious, but are still considered "hooking up." The term "back to room" entered conversation to describe the scenario when a couple actually left the dance party together to continue hooking up in a dorm room. Through very frequent use, it has simply become the acronym BTR.

BTR is most commonly used as a verb (see below).
Student 1: Yo! I heard you hooked up with _____ last night!

Student 2: Haha, yeah... We just made out on the dance floor (DFM) a bit, whatever.


Student 2: Yeah... We BTR'd and we're up until 4am.

Alternate Use: Yeah... We went BTR and we're up until 4am.
by pomona47 December 11, 2010
BTR stands for Big Time Rush, TV show of Nickelodeon channel and same-name boyband. Also name of their first album
- Hey, do you like BTR?
- Yes, i love them!
by MissDMaslow October 23, 2011
BTR: A type of slap, usually performed in a swift, powerful motion; and of the Backhand Method. Stands for Back To Reality. Used to combat delusion.
That Tan Queen needs a BTR because she thinks she is a princess; whereas in reality she is a chavvy slag.
by Strizzle May 16, 2006
Btr means better.For MSN etc.
Whoah! Your hair looks btr!
by Miss_Baby_Pink! April 13, 2006
Bachelor to the Rapture
All guys are gifted in singleness. BTR
by DrakeDuck November 01, 2012
The term used to describe a man with incredible pulling powers toward the female race. He often has a magnet he can just turn on, and it attracts girls. He is all-rounded, and is known by BTR by many people who aspire to be like him. It is the highest of compliments to be known as a BTR.
"wow, that man just kissed 10 girls in 10 seconds!"
"incredible, that is a BTR if ever I've seen one."
by boiboi11 September 27, 2013
Before The Revolution
BTR, circumstances became almost intolerable!
by Historiophile November 28, 2012