Bitter and Twisted Man
Tony is a btm all he can do is complain about his boss, his coworkers, his life. he needs to get a new life. BTM....
by TonyVo October 09, 2011
Abbreviation for Bad Teen Mustache, synonomous with crustache
Teenager 1: Hey Joe I want to grow a mustache so I will look older, then maybe Ashley will go on a date with me!

Teenager 2: Don't bother you'll just get a btm, Ashley is a whore's name anyway.
by BTM 4eva June 24, 2009
be there moment
1) tom francis ryan's hostee was a btm
2) tom francis ryan is also a btm
3) the fact grace and jamie put this on urban dictionary is a btm
by tomryan February 07, 2009
Bigger Than Money

The dopest in the 21014. CBS, BTM and ABC for life
Get at me I'm BTM and CBS
by CBS7 May 28, 2008
Bran the man
BTM representen Michigan.
by briguy November 08, 2003

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