Boobs Town Local
If you go to boobs town on the weekend or the night before you are a boobs town local (BTL) for the following day
by Trent. FH September 16, 2009
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Bout That Life
Round Three?
--Nah Man
Oh, You Ain't BTL?
--Nah, I'm Not
Oh, Word
by Nique2888888888 July 09, 2010
BTLS is an Acronym for a very popular Sirius Satelite Radio jock named Bubba The Love Sponge.
I was listening to stories of the cricket capers on the BTLS show this morning. Damn BTLS is funny.
by Khayman97 January 25, 2008
below the line. refers to someone that is below a certain "line" of social stature
This club sucks. Too many BTLs.
by Mark December 06, 2010
Bible-Thumping Loony
That Joe brings his god into everything - he's a complete BTL!
by ibiwisi666 January 22, 2014
Acronym that stands for Big Titty Lover
Man, Tyrone Williams is such a BTL! I saw him slapping his bitch's tits back and forth yesterday
by homelessdude556 January 19, 2012
Short for Bethel, Connecticut. How most people from Bethel refer to their hometown. Usually preceded by "the".
Heyyyy I'm visiting the BTL today!!

The coolest people are from the BTL!
by LOVETHEBTL February 07, 2010
Been too Long
You haven't seen someone online in a while and chatted
Kerry: Hey
Audra: btl- where have you been?
by ajbp May 03, 2005

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