acronym for "Brent that Hoe"; to simultaniously insult a girl while attempting to get her to come home with you for the purposes of sex.
"That hottie over there is so into herself... if you wanna get with her you'll have to BTH."
by bblades262 January 30, 2008
Better Than HIM. HIM is a horrible, emo, girly, garbage band from Finland.
When discussing music, and someone says that a band is bad, you reply with "Hey, at least they're BTH."

Or if someone asks about a band, particularly at a concert, and you are not fond of them, you say "Eh, they're BTH."
by FattyTrapsBigot May 06, 2009
"Big TiTTy HoE" ShoUt OuT To Da
DaMn U a BTH! HavE U EvEr BeeN TiTTy FuCkeD??
by M&M March 31, 2005
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