Black Tar Heroin; aka H, Ron, Tar, The Black. It is a substance varying from powder to a sticky tar-like consistency with color ranging from orangish-brown to black. It is consumed by placing a small piece of BTH on the dull side of tin-foil, and administering flame to the underside of the tar, in an attempt to heat the substance substantially enough to phase-change to vapor. The user leads the gooey trails with the lighter in front and follows behind with a straw in mouth. This process is also commonly referred to "Chasing the Dragon."
Yo you wanna chase bro? I got that BTH boy, that good shit man. Lets smoke some shit tonight bro.
by BLACKTAR KING OF THE OZONE!! February 11, 2011
Top Definition
"being too honest" - an extreme version of tbh, for when you're being a little TOO honest
you're a nice guy and all but bth you smell like a turd heap

I meant to buy food today but I ate a 9 month old sandwich I found in my bag instead bth
by Gil Hawgay March 09, 2014
Contraction of "bored, tired and horny".
girl: How are you?
boy: Bth. You?
girl: Same. Clearly we should have sex.
by Alexbrainbox April 23, 2011
Bitches Trying Hard
*Sabrina called Georgina*

Sabrina: What are you doing today?
Georgina: Nothing Much, but bth
by Red Hair Don't Care May 11, 2015
Brooklyn Technical High School.
Omar goes to Bths.
REP Sr. Class of 2004 !!!!!
by :D September 10, 2003
a) an abreviation for the term "big time huge."

b) a poor attempt at creating a phraze similar to BT for big time. the phraze BTH has caught on in popularity due to the immense amount of stupidity that it entales.
Yeeeeeeesssssss......that is BTH!
by Frank November 26, 2003
Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College is a secondary school based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. The school specialises in maths and computing, and is named after Blessed Thomas Holford, a 16th-century priest from Cheshire. The college has a strong Catholic identity,and all pupils are required to wear uniform.

This is what Wikipedia wants you to believe.
Unfortunatley, it stands for British Torture House, and is exactly what it says on the tin.
"So Jane, what school are you going too? I'm going to Sale Grammar (another hell hole, but considerabley better)"
"BTH" -shoots self-
by NERDDD. July 04, 2009
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