bitch to fuck
your mommmmmmmmmm is such a BTF!
by MOTHERFUCKER69 April 03, 2009
An acronym standing for "buckin' to fuck." Used to describe a desperate girl that can't wait to fuck the first guy she sees.
"Hey man that girl was all over you last night."
"Yeah I know, she was totally BTF."
by fuzzywuzzywasabear December 04, 2007
Bet the farm.

When something has a very high possiblity of happening, it is a 'btf'.
Question number 5 on the test is a btf for the exam in December.
by rabbit July 13, 2005
Backhand to face. To give someone a backhand to the face usually in response to a snide comment.... at the same time you are insinuating that the person is a girl that wipes back-to-front.
Person 1: I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. *snerk*
Person 2: BTF
best true friend
dayana and karol are btf's (best true friends) and vanessa and becky stole there name.
by heyyyygurllll April 23, 2009

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