a woman who wipes her butt from back-to-front resulting in poopycooch and is therefore unsuitable for cunnilingus
Jason tried to go down on his girlfriend, but it was too stinky. I told him that she was probably a BTF and that he needed to find a FTB.
by Ugly Dave September 28, 2007
Best Texting Friends. You text this person so mucn, you practically know everything about them. But in real life you guys ignore each other. Love each other over text, hate each other in person.
Me and him are only BTF. Nothing else.
by candyfreak991 May 08, 2009
"Big time failure"

Slang term used by gamers, mostly in MMORPGs.
Leeroy ran straight into the boss and we weren't even ready yet, what a BTF.
by Coconuttie October 12, 2009
"But the fuck?"

When someone dicks you over and you don't know why
someoneA: "Last night was AWESOME!"
someoneB: "Why didn't anyone tell me? I know you all were going out last night btf?
by J}238 October 18, 2009
"bred to fuck"

Jack: "hey hows Mims in bed?"
Fey: "I wouldn't know"
Jack: "Well I do, I'm dating her sister and those girls are BTF, man."
by vajack August 12, 2008
1. "by the f*ck" (a different version of by the way)
2. "better think fast" (this will be used when attempting to play off a BTF usage, very ironic)

rake: Yeah homework sucks...
carrot: I know! oh and BTF do you want to hang friday?
rake: def.

Hi mom!
what does your shirt mean?
uh..better think fast! its a joke
by Collie69 December 01, 2008
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