The cliched phrase every guy tells to a girl when he wants her: Beautiful, Smart, and Funny.
Hey bro, did she say yes?
Nah, I did the BSF way too early
by Kukoo October 09, 2010
Butt-Sex Friday, a time-honored tradition started originally as a joke in the CU that has grown into a near ritual. Simply put, Fridays are set aside for buttsex, feigned or real, and anal activity is less frowned upon.
Cam and Udara had mad BSF last week-Zhe
by Fbook Masta August 12, 2006
Boston Sports Fan
Someone who cheers for the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox either by choice or by default (someone who is originally from Boston or has lived in Boston at one point in time).
"You're not watching the Patriots? Just because you're in New York doesn't mean you can abandon your BSF duties."
by Gildey December 21, 2015
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