Ball Sack Fight
lets have a BSF.
by B&E productions December 15, 2010
Butt-Sex Friday, a time-honored tradition started originally as a joke in the CU that has grown into a near ritual. Simply put, Fridays are set aside for buttsex, feigned or real, and anal activity is less frowned upon.
Cam and Udara had mad BSF last week-Zhe
by Fbook Masta August 12, 2006
The cliched phrase every guy tells to a girl when he wants her: Beautiful, Smart, and Funny.
Hey bro, did she say yes?
Nah, I did the BSF way too early
by Kukoo October 09, 2010
inshort, best stranger forever.
bobo, at&t, and deedee are my bsfs!
by urnecksmeller(= June 18, 2008

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