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its a blood version of crackin but wit a "b".
Wus brackin blood.
by Jamella September 25, 2003
265 55
only bloods use it.. its like crackin but brackin get it?
Hey my brotha wats Brackin?
by CK April 21, 2003
204 84
Whats up? Whats goin on?
Whats brackin my nigga?
by Alyssa July 27, 2003
166 85
Fine, sexy, hott, fione, bootylicious
DAMN BLOOD, that girl is brackin
by Davie D April 19, 2006
142 116
<verb> Originally a Blood gang Term, modified by members of the band SPOKEN GUN .

Doing what you want, when you want, regardless of what other people think or the consequences.
To get the party crackin'.
To live life like its your last day. Taking it to the limit.
Bloods substitute B's for C's in words, i.e...
Instead of, "Can I get a Cigarette?" Bloods would say... "Can I get a Biggarette?"
"Girl you Crazy!" = "Girl you Brazy!"
"Lets get it Crackin or What's Crackin?" = What's BRACKIN? Like whats goin on?

Yo, we was BRACKIN all weekend. = Partyin all weekend.

That fool is BRACKed out. = He was all messed up on drugs or just partied too hard.

Keep it Brackin'= To push it to the limt.

To Brack or not to brack? - That is the question...

Spoken Gun has made this term Worldwide amongst it's fans. Keep it BRACKIN!
by Ed "RudeBwoy" Scallion March 09, 2007
18 9
A beer consumed during the normal course of drinking. Neither the first beer, also called the Mayflower, or the last beer, better known as the Edmunds Fitzgerald.
I think I'll go ahead and crack my Brackin now.
by GDSenator August 04, 2009
20 54