A mental pictures of womens breasts that is stored into a man's brain and can be summoned for later usage.
OMG man check her out i just got myself a new B-PEG for my B-PEGs collection.
by Sumyungy June 25, 2007
Top Definition
When one observes a strikingly awesome pair of boobies and then stores the visual image in their mind.

BPEGS tend to fade over time so it is encouraged to save new ones.
I left the strip club with an overwhelming number of BPEGS

Joe, did you save that BPEG from Janet Jackson's Superbowl performance?
by VivekAg April 30, 2008
A picture, usually mental, that a man has of a woman's boobs. Often very pleasing to picture, but only so many can be stored in a mans mind at a time
Barney: "Of course bro, you can't get over a woman if you still have mental pictures of her boobs, or B.PEGS"
Marshall: "Well its gonna take a while, because I've got a lot of those stored."
Barney: "And that is why I brought you to a strip club."
by dradz23 November 29, 2009
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