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British Petroleum, a petrol filling station.
"Dude, you're low on petrol, there's a BP there why don't you fill up?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
Started an oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, and spent millions of dollars into cleaning up the beaches and giving money to beaches to make up the funds lost from the lack of people because of the spill, unlike Exxon during the Exxon oil spill.
Agnes: Ewww I just saw this black stuff come on the shore!

Bob: Must be the oil. Call BP and they'll clean it up.
by CGHCA December 19, 2010
The Act of finding a large girl then shoving your man meat in between each fat flap, finishing on the top one and unloading in the respective crease. This is performed with just the man naked, not the women, and the experience can be enhanced by having multiple men using each flap at a time, and all finishing at the same time. Last to cum has to lick it off, similar to toast. Options include following up with: The Chinese Air Conditioner, Chinese Christmas Tree, or the Brazilian Toe Jam
(Looking at Girl): id BP that shit
by Bean Steezyy February 23, 2011
bowl or bong pack (meaning glass water pipes) - filled to the brim preferably with good bud (meaning potent marijuana)
dude do you want to go hit a bp of this purple urple?
by TheGravyTrain October 09, 2010
it is a handy word to describe a really annoying/bitch/bastard/fuker without them understanding .
shut the fuck up you b.p.
by fmk08 October 23, 2008
B.P. for all the Bengalis is short for Bunni Power... it is translated Breast Power its used to describe women with Big Boobs
Kash: B.P. alert bp alert

Modhu: Where

Kash: to ur left

Modhu: Yaw thats wot i call BP
by ak.shif September 03, 2009
Abbreviation for bipolar disorder. Further specification may be added to the diagnosis with roman numerals I through VI.
"She's been diagnosed with BP II."
"Ahhhh. THAT explains it."
by lp March 24, 2005
Short for baby prostitute.
I'm reading 'Go Ask Alice', I'm at the part where she meets the bp from San Fransisco
by lipstickjungle March 13, 2008