(1) adj. - Something that has completely unappealing qualities. Including but not limited to objets, people, animals, and actions.
(1) That girl had a bouch shirt on, was walking a bouch white peekapoo, said boche things like "seriously", and acted were bouche-like. All in all she is a very bouche girl, but in a good way.
by Seyphis October 23, 2006
The art of the horizontal polka, doin the nasty, bumping uglies, hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing, to sauce, to shag, slopping hogs, parking the beef bus in 'Tuna Town', Aztec two-step Boarding the ham train to Pussyopolis, Buttering the muffin, Cave exploring, Fornicating, Getting your freak on, Genital exercise, Having a bit of the cramstick, Hiding the sausage, Hippity dippity, 'it', Jigging, Knocking boots, Laying some pipe, making babies, Nailing , Oops, Probing the membrane, Quickie, Rubbing bacons, Running the naked wheelbarrow race, Sexercizing, Sewing up the hatchet wound, Taking it to the car wash, Trading a bit of hard for a bit of soft, Ugh ugh, Vaginal bungee jumping, Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, and Zwooshing the swoosh.
Those two crazy cats bouched on the hood.
And Jamie and Bret were caught bouching in the car.
by KappaBeasty March 28, 2005
Vulcanizing the whoopee stick in the ham wallet,
Cattle prodding the oyster ditch with the lap rocket,
Batter dipping the cranny ax in the gut locker,
Retrofitting the pudding hatch with the boink swatter,
Marinating the nether rod in the squish mitten,
Power drilling the yippee bog with the dude piston,
Pressure washing the quiver bone in the wench wrinkle,
Cannonballing the fiddle cove with the pork steeple.
In short, Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo.
They were bouching all night.
What the bouche is your problem.
by Xingy August 13, 2006
Definition: A derogatory term used to describe or illustrate a plump, pear-shaped, overweight “woman” (aka fat chick). Can be used as an insult in front of the bouche’s face.

Background: The derivation is two-fold. The primary being the French definition for ‘mouth’. The latter deriving from the English word ‘butcher’ (because fat chicks (bouches) love to put meat in their mouth).
Kevin: "Hey Nate, check out that bouche chick; shes fatter than yo' momma."
Nate: "Yeah, shes so fat shes got planets orbiting her ass."
Kevin: "shit"
Nate: "Shit - lets get drunk"
by Ghetto Massive May 23, 2004
Someone who is a bitch and a douche
Kyle is such a bouche!
I know I hate that guy!
by Bouchega November 23, 2014
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