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An acronym for "Bring Out The Squint". BOTS is usually the final step of an unsuccessful technical interview in the Bay Area in which the interviewee is ambushed by a Squint (a chink, slant, chinee) who furnishes the interviewee with a set of extremely difficult and ultimately irrelevant questions which are designed to prove the superiority of the interviewers intellect rather than screen for a suitable candidate for the job.
BOTS (Silicon Valley Interview)

Squint: If you had fifteen chickens and one had red feathers and the others had black feathers, what is the probability that I live with my parents in Union City?

Interviewee: Uh... 100 percent?

Squint: Elaborate.

Interviewee: Fuck you, I'm out of here.
by kenny wenny February 05, 2010
8 27
1. Simple computer program used to perform highly repetitive operations, e.g. trawling websites to collect email addresses.

2. Computer program run concurrently with an online game to give the player an unfair advantage. Bots may alter the game environment, boost the abilities of the player's character or hinder opponents. Writing bots requires a great deal of skill; using them almost none.
"So you're using an aimbot... and he's using an aimbot... if you're both going to cheat, why bother to play?"
"Just to show that I cheat better than him."
by shoggoth August 11, 2003
292 107
Things on instant messanger programs that try to act like stupid girls who give you links to pay porn sites. Usually are hella annoying and repeat everything over and over again
Hotchickee45: Hey Guys wanna see me play with myself and my freinds? CLICK HERE! ill be waiting..
xcopcv22: fuck you bot
Hotchickee45: Hey Guys wanna see me play with myself and my freinds? CLICK HERE! ill be waiting..
devilinmypants4: stupid bot
Hotchickee45: Hey Guys wanna see me play with myself and my freinds? CLICK HERE! ill be waiting..
by blackmage53 December 08, 2004
208 148
A program that runs autonomously, and which performs repetitive and/or remotely-controlled tasks, from very simple IRC commands to incredibly complex online game manipulation.

A program that behaves and interacts with other programs as if it were a user.

Short for 'robot', specifically a cyber-robot, almost exclusively used on the internet.
I set up a bot to keep spammers out of the e-group.
by Seraph March 17, 2004
124 69
Abbreviation: Robots
Battle Bots, Swarm Bots
by LFReD April 15, 2010
64 14
Someone who is highly arrogant or up themselves. Constantly boasts about their achievements.
Guy 1: "I'm way too hot for her anyway"
Guy 2: "Bots guy"
by Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 13, 2010
50 14
Abbreviation: robot.
Bots have feelings, too.
by Tarrasque November 18, 2002
91 65
1)tiny chunks of hashish to be cooked using cigarettes and a bottle.

2)annoying spamming/advertising programs found in chat rooms that fake the appearance of a user/real person/ to get click to their sites.
1) "I just dropped the last bot on the carpet, quick help me find it"

2) "hi im kelly view me nekked at this link and join in on the fun..."

by G.I.JER September 21, 2003
82 71