A noun that can have a multitude of meanings. Also a word that expresses many explicits.
"I am gay."- Kevin Adams
"What the BOTES???"- Ken Jennings
"I eat shit."
"BOTES that."
"Your cat died"
"Awwwwwwww BOTES"
by Regina Phalangie August 07, 2006
Top Definition
That guy gave Tuff Trey BOTE last night
by BHHUD January 22, 2009
Chicano slang for jail.
My uncle got thrown in the bote for being drunk in public.
by LaCindy October 11, 2007
See boat. Qoolz way of spelling boat.
I sail the bote on the horizon.
by CelticWonder November 19, 2002
From the latin word BOAT. A vessel in which many hours are spend on the water, along with most of your income and beer
Karen, we are going to use your bote this weekend, would you like to go with us?
by capt cole February 03, 2005
An extreme misspelling of the word 'Bored.' The meaning is, however, the same.
Guy A: Dude, I'm bote!

Guy B: What?!

Guy A: Bored*

Guy B: Aha! Bote...lol.
by superniall50 May 24, 2011
Derived from the Latin word(s), botel and teh; where as the botel, meaning a relative "loser" and teh, meaning "impersonator"; in conjunction, these two formal Latin words come together as an Italian, Hungarian and French word defining a "loser" who pretends\acts like another character, rather them himselve alone.
The great Chariot Race of the Greek Gods proved that Zueos proved to have substantial evident and being a coward with immense bote at his will.
by Websters Concise Encyclopedia February 26, 2004

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