The male version of gash. It gives us females the opportunity to tell one another that we think a boy is looking "mighty fine", without having to use a word that is technically meant for the female gender.
"I'm going to get bare bosh tonight"
"aawwww Pengbosh bruv."
"He is SUCH a wasteBosh"
by Alice The Shizzle January 21, 2007
1. term of acknowlegement at good deed or act. emphasises satifaction with something that had occurred. similar to 'back of the net'
2. acknowledgement of verbal put down similar to 'burn'
1. man i well just managed to pick up t in the park tickets!!! BOSH!!!
2. your ma was well tight last night..... BOSH!!!
by ts83 December 08, 2006
To use a food based product to aid masterbational technique and sexual experience
"ah man, steve got drunk, cut a whole in some spam and boshed it so hard... he must love his spam"
"olivia boshed herself good with that courgette"
by Handal October 28, 2006
A replacement for any adjective
"Spam is fucking bosh"
"Dude you're fucking bosh on the guitar"
by iamxinfinite August 15, 2006
adj. 1. to be awesome, awe-inspiring, or regarded with awe. 2. To be as cool as a ninja with ninja star earrings.
D: Yo, did you see her dance? B: Yeah, Jenni is so BOSH!
by Deech July 07, 2006
A word used to describe the sound of collision, similar to "KA-BLAM" and "THWOCK" as used in Batman fight sequences.
I couldn't slow down in my car and.....BOSH! I hit the car in front.
by Booga December 15, 2003
bosh, or to be 'boshed'-to be slapped round the face with a erect penis during oral sex, for fun.
jade gets horney (once again) horney bugger. fancies a willy wack from duncan just before she rapes him!!!!!!!
by jade dw November 11, 2003

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