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verb. English slang terminology having the meanings: 1. To take, to consume. 2. Used to mark the occurance of something. 3. To strike or impact.
1. "yeah mate, I boshed about 15 beans last night... I was well fucked"
2. "I was just sitting there at work, when bosh! ... the phone rang and there she was..."
3. "He just ran up to the geezer and boshed him in the face with a bottle of stella"
by Olly J February 06, 2005
224 385
1. term of acknowlegement at good deed or act. emphasises satifaction with something that had occurred. similar to 'back of the net'
2. acknowledgement of verbal put down similar to 'burn'
1. man i well just managed to pick up t in the park tickets!!! BOSH!!!
2. your ma was well tight last night..... BOSH!!!
by ts83 December 08, 2006
69 231
Stems from the term "bullshit," bosh can be used to declare something as equally irrelevant/invalid as "bullshit."
Man1: I ate an entire turkey.
Me: That's a load of bosh.
Me: That's bosh.
by Reece March 30, 2005
35 200
to shag,fuck etc (wiggy word)
I gave her a good boshing last night!
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
52 223
London slang:

To describe a female as a slag/hoe, does anything with anybody.
"I had that girl yesterday"

"eeer man shes a bosh"
by topmajorj September 03, 2009
38 210
Bosh (noun) - A person who is overrated because of the people he/she either works with or hangs out with. This term was coined after the NBA player Chris Bosh, who is often overrated because he's a member of the "Big 3" with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.
Example one:

Trent - You know I really like Michael and Gary, but I don't understand why they hang out with Dennis. He's so annoying.

Steve - Yea, Dennis gets a free pass a lot of times because he's good friends with Michael and Gary. He's definitely the Bosh of that trio.

Example two:

Richard - You know, that sales team performs really well. I think Tony, Brandon, and Alan work great together.

Nick - Actually, it's more like Tony and Brandon carry the team and Alan is just there. Their team is doing alright, but it's not because of Alan. He's the Bosh of that team.
by slamjackson.com December 09, 2010
37 215
A Ghetto word
A girl that does anything with a boy. (Sexually)
basically means they fuck anyone.
in other words.. a hoe/slut/whore

'eurghh man shes a bosh'

by unknownzzz November 02, 2007
140 327