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To use a food based product to aid masterbational technique and sexual experience
"ah man, steve got drunk, cut a whole in some spam and boshed it so hard... he must love his spam"
"olivia boshed herself good with that courgette"
by Handal October 28, 2006
used in south east london
it means to give head/ blow job
whatever floats ya boat
A: Ahh yeah she boshed me good last night bruv
B: She is just a hoe
by EmmaJay91 August 11, 2006
Used to accentuate the meaning of the word it follows.
That was so stupid bosh.

Last night was awesome bosh
by Hoss The Boss March 28, 2005
Bosh its a method of describing a girl which provides oral sexual pleasure to different people simply because she likes to, it can also be used as the oral sexual act itself
1 she is a bosh/she gives oral sex
2 she gave me bosh/she gave me oral sex
by carlos January 05, 2005
When somthing is overly good, exciting, or normal.

This term can be used for mostly anything in a good manner to emphasis the accomplishment of the person, place, thing, or ideas great acheivment.

(This term coming from Miami Heats Superstar Power Foward Chris Bosh. Who is known for joining forces with the other superstars Dwayne Wade and LeBron James to create a big three in Miami.)
Bob and Jim are playing 1v1 basketball.
Bob does a beautiful windmill dunk over Jim.

EX 1.

Jim then says, "Bob! That dunk you just did was so Bosh!"
EX 2.
Bob: "How was that dunk Jim?"

Jim: "It was super Bosh Bob!"
by Leominster2011 July 02, 2011
a verb implying one was joking or joshing about the previous statement, usually said when you were messing with someone's mind.
"Dude, that's girl totally into you." "Really?" "Naw.. I'm just boshing ya."

"Did you study for the big test today?" "What!? We've got a test?" "Serious, not even boshing man."
by balbir January 22, 2008
To enjoy getting hit in the face with an erect penis with ketchup on your hands.
Ronald: omg she was a freak last night, she had the ketchup rdy and i boshed her right in the cheek.
by Liar234 May 13, 2006