used in south east london
it means to give head/ blow job
whatever floats ya boat
A: Ahh yeah she boshed me good last night bruv
B: She is just a hoe
by EmmaJay91 August 11, 2006
mainly used in north-west of Britain, a adjective to describe something, which is very good or impressive.
thomas:woah, did you see what he did on his skateboard?

liam:fuck yeah! it was bosh!
by faye<3smosh August 10, 2006
adj. 1. to be awesome, awe-inspiring, or regarded with awe. 2. To be as cool as a ninja with ninja star earrings.
D: Yo, did you see her dance? B: Yeah, Jenni is so BOSH!
by Deech July 07, 2006
Stems from the term "bullshit," bosh can be used to declare something as equally irrelevant/invalid as "bullshit."
Man1: I ate an entire turkey.
Me: That's a load of bosh.
Me: That's bosh.
by Reece March 30, 2005
Used to accentuate the meaning of the word it follows.
That was so stupid bosh.

Last night was awesome bosh
by Hoss The Boss March 28, 2005
verb. English slang terminology having the meanings: 1. To take, to consume. 2. Used to mark the occurance of something. 3. To strike or impact.
1. "yeah mate, I boshed about 15 beans last night... I was well fucked"
2. "I was just sitting there at work, when bosh! ... the phone rang and there she was..."
3. "He just ran up to the geezer and boshed him in the face with a bottle of stella"
by Olly J February 06, 2005
Bosh its a method of describing a girl which provides oral sexual pleasure to different people simply because she likes to, it can also be used as the oral sexual act itself
1 she is a bosh/she gives oral sex
2 she gave me bosh/she gave me oral sex
by carlos January 05, 2005
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