Big Ole Niggas
Hard ass niggas that will beat some ass!
>Bitch step back or i'll get my BON on ya ass!
by Breeanna April 29, 2005
Backwards for snob!!!
Kayla can be such a bons sometimes!!
by Evonna November 30, 2002
a sarcastic adjective derived from the french word for good
"i got 67 on the physics test"
"ya you bon physicist"
by lorenz4ever October 25, 2005
bon a conversation or small gathering of words overheard by the undesired
group of girls talking at lunchtime
" omg did you see what that girl was wearing saturday night"
" yeah eww it was feral"
group of girls look over, and it is the girl they were referring to
" omg bon!!!"
by amy1234560897987 August 28, 2008
A dishy shitbag; also can be a cocksucker, dicktits, shittits,
or Fucking Gay Douche.(FGD)
That guy is sooo bon!
by B-rad-geezy March 05, 2008
what you call some one acting retarded, also mahzi bon and bon-head
Stop eating your poop you bon!
by Boehme December 13, 2007
Short for a cafeteria that is catered by bon appetit at several small colleges. Can be used as a verb if wanted.
Hey, you wanna bon at 5?

Did you guys go to the bon tonight?

I love boning with my friends...
by tyboisnumone March 06, 2009

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