Balls Out Lauging

laughing so hard that your balls bust trough your pants.
So I'm sitting here. BOL. While watching Eddie Murphy's delirious.
by JonnySanta January 06, 2012
Top Definition
Buss Out Laughing
when she heard that joke she BOL
by tbcornelis February 11, 2010
Tired of the overuse of LOL? Feeling like it means nothing anymore when you really DID just Bust Out Laughing because people end every freaking sentence with LOL? Use BOL. Busted Out Laughing. It's LOL, ROFL, LMAO, and OMG rolled into one.
When my friend said this to me, "I had this bizarre dream about you and me and Alan Rickman and Tom Brokaw. In the middle of the dream me and the boys went to see you perform at the Stone Pony and you did some extremely odd things, and then you sang your own lyrics to 'They Don't Know About Us,' by Tracey Ullman but then Elizabeth Edwards cam out on stage and made you stop because it needed to be censored," I BOL'd.
by kreacherkomfort March 07, 2010
To "Bust Out Laughing" Variation of lol
When she told me about the coyote shitting in walmart I BOLed
by Bobbie Kennedy September 26, 2010
Best Of Luck
Rich: I got a rack on Golden State Warriors +10
Paul: BOL homie
by VisualRealism March 21, 2012
Acronym for, "Bursting Out Laughing."
bol - Milk just came out of my nose.
by The Infamous Din May 30, 2013
the word "B.OY" - in some neighborhoods - is pronounced:

BULL (but there's a lag on the "LL" making almost an "LH",

or BOL, but BOL doesn't have a hard L, and so it's usually more like

you my bol

i got a couple berrs with my bol
by flobie December 02, 2004
Burst Out Laughing
Jenny couldn't help herself so she BOL
by D3rko November 13, 2008
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