Body Made well. Term to describe an incredibly hot girl with a body of a goddess and a stunning face.

Or can be used to describe the BMW car. Also known as Bavarian Motor Works.
wow, that girl has a fine bmw.
by usa890 November 02, 2008
Best Motor Work- The greatest car make ever. Makes amazing vehicles.

Also stands for " Body made Well"

A person with a tight hot body and great face that makes you say damn when you see them.
I think I'm going to get myself a BMW one of these days.

Check her out, what a BMW!
by hquin October 30, 2008
can also stand for "Break my Window"
Look at the BMW, the guy's asking for it.
by Rakeri August 10, 2003
A car driven by wankers
Dave: "Hey, look at that guy with the awesome tan driving a new BMW M3 convertible full of gorgeous chicks."

Mike: "I know for a fact he sleeps on a sunbed, so no way is he dicking any of them. He's just a fucking wanker."
by Billy Sollocks July 31, 2008
The best car in the world. A car you wish you could own but can't afford.
I wish I had a BMW, But I can't afford it.
by lioff June 16, 2010
1) An Amazing brand of car. Simply the best the automotive industry has to offer.

2) Best man or woman. Someone you're jealous of cause they get more than you. As in, the opposite sex likes them more than you. This causes the lesser to slander the person and make up lies about them.

This person may or may not drive a BMW but one thing if for sure. They get more money than you and the opposite sex is usually more than willing to make sure they're taken care of.
Wow, is that your new BMW? That's killer.

I heard this BMW can't get rid of the unwanted members of the opposite sex chasing them.

That BMW's boyfriend/girlfriend gave them all that money? Holy shit, that's love.
by jqtd February 02, 2010
1. Black Man's Willy
2. Big Man's Willy
50 Cent got a BMW!
Peter Crouch got a BMW!

I wish I had a BMW
by Fck Me Im Famous March 16, 2009

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