Beyond My Wages; stands for any item or person which is above you that you cannot possess because of it's rarity or expense.

When one is above a person in finances, wages, money or has something that another or most cannot afford.
That girl over there with the hot body and beautiful face probably requires a lot of upkeep, she's a BMW, Beyond My Wages.

That house is a real BMW at half a mil, beyond my wages.
by jeerdd July 28, 2010
Best Motorcycle Worldwide. Serious Horsepower. Power, comfort and technology. Nice cars too.
I have to get myself a BMW.
by Andrew Everett March 18, 2008
Greatest luxury car make ever.

Also stands for Body made Well. Someone with a hot body and good looks.
BMW= best car ever.
by 9302q October 24, 2008
BMW is a company that builds high quality motorcycles and expensive luxury cars. Because the cars are very expensive some people may find it needless and think the owner is a show off. Its difficult to understand if you're not interested in the engineering and quality of a car.
Need to be myself
I can't be no one else
I'm feeling supersonic
Give me gin and tonic
You can have it all but how much do you want it?
You make me laugh
Give me your autograph
Can I ride with you in your BMW ?
You can sail with me in my yellow submarine
by Liam n. September 23, 2007
the ultimate driving machine. bmw stands for bavarian motorworks. it is a top quality car known for its outstanding engineering and sports car handling. it combines porsche performance and mercedes luxury. despite its contriversial designing, it's the second largest automaker.
Joe: damn did u hear that car's engine?
Jack: yeah, that's the 500 hp V-10 bmw M5
by porschephile December 21, 2008
Body Made well. Term to describe an incredibly hot girl with a body of a goddess and a stunning face.

Or can be used to describe the BMW car. Also known as Bavarian Motor Works.
wow, that girl has a fine bmw.
by usa890 November 02, 2008
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