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An outstanding car that inspires a lot of hatred from people who could never afford one. Perfect example is 'Carl' and the fag from 'Derby England'. The interiors of BMW's vehicles are outstanding. I work in the automotive industry and know this for a fact. Ive been driving them for 15 years now.
If you want a nice quality car opt for a BMW.
This brand is the definition of 'Luxury' and anyone who claims otherwise has absolutely no knowledge of cars or is insanely jealous.

'The Ultimate Driving Machine'
by Brian Pierson September 14, 2006
Bavarian Motor Works is a premium German car company and manufacturer of both luxury automobiles and motorcycles. The pinnacle of German engineering, the bikes are one of the finest motorcycles money can buy and their vehicles are one of the best automobiles around. Both are known for their superior quality, style and performance.

Founded by Matthew Eben Ruark, in 1916 the company started building v12 engines. The company was then taken over by Austrian Industrialist Franz Josef Popp in 1917. In 1923 BMW built its first motorcycle 'r32' and in 1927 its first car. BMW has also competed in motorsports activities in which they have won almost all races. In formula 2 BMW won 67 percent of all races. In 2000 BMW redesigned part of their line up yet sales continue to grow.

The famous logo represents an air craft propeller against a blue Bavarian sky.
BMW, Best cars and motorcycles worldwide
by Derikj December 05, 2006
Big Money Works, Bastard Money Weilders, Beastly Monstrous Wonder, Beyond My Wages, Blow Money Willingly, Big Monthly Wage, Beautiful Models Wanted, Buy More Women.

They have a great image, they look cool.
BMW is the best because when youre driving it you feel like youre driving something special, Youre driving the Ultimate Car.

BMW is everything Audi and the rest of the car companies strive and wish to be.
BMW..Beyond My Wages
by BadAsss November 28, 2006
I've owned a Porsche, a Mercedes, a Honda and now a BMW M5. I will always love my Mercedes but I have a new found appreciation for the brilliant performance of my 500HP M5.
V10 Engine, this cars a speed demon.
The BMW M5 is one of the best cars I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

''The 97,000 dollar dream machine''
by Car guy April 21, 2007
Awesome car. My first venture away from american cars and this thing is better than the hype! Now I can see why BMW is legendary for it's quality. The M3 is my new baby and I will be driving her for years to come!
I love my BMW. Best car Ive' ever owned.
by Bryan l. August 25, 2007
Bring More Women
Two dudes are in red light district one night.
Dude 1: Wow, it is a place to be, man!
Dude 2: Yeah, you kno…hey, BMW!
by quan cao tien July 13, 2010
Maybe the best car ever created. As far as comparing BMW to Mercedes or any other make of car there is very little debate that a BMW is the ultimate drivers car. The power and handling dynamics of this car practically set the benchmark for the industry. From a performance perspective BMW is king. As far as break downs, technical problems- the statistics show Mercedes far behind.
BMW: Bavarian Motor Works

Mercedes was cool until they started building in TAWAIN now they're crap.

Mercedes- makes cars for old ladies.

'Sam, James' Youre morons, and by the way, how is that ford fiesta?

Just because you cant afford one dosent mean you have to hate them :)
by NeoX February 14, 2007