Body MADE WRONG a body with disgusting curves and curves that not needed not enought ass too much belly
UHh look at the girl over there she gota bmw
a what
a body made wrong
by TASHAY February 21, 2006
Type of German-made vehicle, stands for Black Man's Wheels (also pronounced B-M-dub-ya)
Hey yall look at dat tight whip ova there! Now that right there is what i call a BMW!
by 50CentsHoney April 12, 2003
A good piece of art in the world of automobile luxury, with style and good performance. However the BMW is nothing compared to a Mercedes-Benz, in look, feel, power, quality and performance (S-Class, Maybach, SLK, SL, SLR) "old men" car or not, Mercedes Benz has a greater history than that of the over-hyped BMW-Jock wagon.
BMW sux. Bmw sux. Bmw sux.
by BenzpwnBMW December 03, 2006
An overpriced unreliable brand of car, designed by arrogant engineers who never fix their mistakes, sold by arrogant pricks who would whore out their own mothers for a $6 beer at a yuppie bar, bought by arrogant douchebags who can't afford them and drive like pussies, and serviced by mechanics who laugh all the way to the bank.

Also a brand of motorcycle favored by homosexuals.

From the German phrase, "Beissen Mein Wiener".
I just spent another $2000 getting my BMW fixed and the fucking "check engine" light is on again!

I rode my BMW two miles to Starbuck's so I could meet men for gay sex.
by Hansundfranz December 03, 2006
Most overrated shity propaganda car ever.
80% of their new cars are shity looking,but people
like them ,because its a BMW.
Not the best engines,not best design ,but people say
contrarywise.Cars that doesn't deserve that glory.
Guy:Look at that cool BMW.
Dude:No,that's an Alfa.
Guy:Than it's shit.
by DarV August 14, 2007
Over-rated, over-priced and distinctly average cars.

Not the reliable pinnacle of engineering excellence as some people seem to think.
Wow, this BMW is so fast, uh-oh, it's starting to rain... nyarrrgh! sideways! guardrail *WHUMPH*, ow!
by BMWjedeteste October 28, 2006
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