An overpriced unreliable brand of car, designed by arrogant engineers who never fix their mistakes, sold by arrogant pricks who would whore out their own mothers for a $6 beer at a yuppie bar, bought by arrogant douchebags who can't afford them and drive like pussies, and serviced by mechanics who laugh all the way to the bank.

Also a brand of motorcycle favored by homosexuals.

From the German phrase, "Beissen Mein Wiener".
I just spent another $2000 getting my BMW fixed and the fucking "check engine" light is on again!

I rode my BMW two miles to Starbuck's so I could meet men for gay sex.
by Hansundfranz December 03, 2006
Most overrated shity propaganda car ever.
80% of their new cars are shity looking,but people
like them ,because its a BMW.
Not the best engines,not best design ,but people say
contrarywise.Cars that doesn't deserve that glory.
Guy:Look at that cool BMW.
Dude:No,that's an Alfa.
Guy:Than it's shit.
by DarV August 14, 2007
Over-rated, over-priced and distinctly average cars.

Not the reliable pinnacle of engineering excellence as some people seem to think.
Wow, this BMW is so fast, uh-oh, it's starting to rain... nyarrrgh! sideways! guardrail *WHUMPH*, ow!
by BMWjedeteste October 28, 2006
"Bavarian Motor Works": Pretentious German-built automobile popularized by yuppies in the early 1980s. Despite so-so build quality and inordinately expensive repair costs, newer models continue to be popular among self-absorbed people, although Hummers are now giving them stiff competition. Older models are finding a new popularity among posers and can often be found these days on blocks in front of mobile homes and in Walmart parking lots.
Q: What's the difference between a porcupine and a BMW?
A: The porcupine has his pricks on the outside.
by Samurai Sam September 29, 2006
Black Man's Wheels.
Overrated cars that are no better than a Vectra/Mondeo/etc, but have "brand cachet" (i.e. gullible fools are prepared to pay a lot more to get the same thing, but with a nicer badge).
The interiors are horrible. Claustrophobic (come up very high at the front) and in a really nasty grey/blue plastic.
Often driven by accountants, sales reps and estate agents, which says it all...
BMW dealers treat their customers like scum and have their hands in their customers' pockets at every opportunity.
Don't even touch the X3 or X5 SUVs for towing a horsebox. You would be better off getting the horse to tow the car out of a wet field of grass!
Idiot: I have a brand new BMW 325i.
Me: When will you have paid for this toy?
Idiot: Ehhh, about 10 years after I die.
Me: Enjoy...
by fubarderby September 13, 2006
The poor man's luxury car. Reserved for the nasty,trashy and falsely pretentious middle class and lower, these cars are not very good. They symbolize Middle America's poor taste- obese girls with the same ugly Tiffany's choker, inferior Coach bag, hideous sunglasses, and some Starbucks product that has more calories than they need. Also represents arrogant, pigheaded Middle Class males who think they're the shit, but they've just grown up in it. Usually spiked hair, windows rolled down even when inappropriate. Considered the ultimate luxury for this trash, therefore transforming a formerly OK car brand to a substandard wannabe of elite automakers. LUXURY CARS ARE MADE FOR THE RICH. But BMW is for poor people who are posers.
"OMG look at that hot girl in the BMW!"
"Eh, she probably sucks dick for a living, and lives in a "Mcmansion" instead of a real estate. What a poor ass wannabe loser."
by RICHASFUCK April 03, 2007
A car driven mainly by people from lower social class. They roam the streets with their BMWs to show that they are something. BMW is not match for Mercedes. It would be an insult for a Mercedes to be compared with a BMW, because technologically BMW is way behind Mercedes.
Moreover, they are very ugly and bulky.
1. Don’t drive bmws because it might ruin your reputation.
2. BMW: Bad Motor Work
by datra February 01, 2007

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