Blockhead's (albanian) Main Wheels
All blockheads drive BMWs.
by John Paul October 14, 2003
Big Mussel Wack
Eat your mussels, you big money waste, love your sister, big monkey women, catch a chic, bitch magnet on wheels, and for the love of god, bite my weener. thanks it was funny! still i love to rat race my 633, Drive!
by jimbo January 21, 2004
stands in German for
"Bring mich Werkstatt"

"Get me to the repair shop"

Partly bad electronics
Son of a BMW-Owner: "Why is so much room in the garage, when you're here?"
BMW-Owner: "Hmph!"
Wife of a BMW-Owner: "Now, what BMW stands for? Bring mich Werkstatt!"
by SM-Ente May 08, 2007
bavarian made wank. a brand of car made in germany. in the uk, these cars are generally driven by people in the uk who fit in one of the below categories:

1. inconsiderate men who are going through some mid aged crisis who pick up 18 year old girls from dodgy town clubs because they think they are cool, even though they got their car on higher purchase.

2. females who are skinny and blonde and have some sugardaddy hubby, who recently persuaded him to buy her a bavarian to replace her rotting barried up vauxhall nova.

3. older guys who have more brains than to go spend their money on something cool, like a DB7.
bavarian made wank cars are typically seen either tailgating some car down some urban road, or driving in the fast lane of the motorway when no other cars are about. always spare a moment for bavarian made wanks in the hard shoulder on the motorway, by honking your horn and pointing and laughing at them.
by meh1 August 20, 2005
A generally clingy person. They often like to stalk you and constantly text/call/social network/ you. They think that they are your best friend for life, when really you want to push them down the stairs. They are usually not attractive in any way, and think they are hot stuff.
Bob: Dude quick its a bmw!
Bill: Oh no!
Bmw: HEYYYYYY GUYSSS! *creepy smile*
Bob&Bill: uhh hi gotta go.

by xxxxxxxxxx_x January 07, 2010
Body Made Wrong. When a female wears the wrong clothes for her shape and doesn't care thus far showing ALL inperfections.
Girl look at her she's a bmw. Her azz is flat she has a muffin top and her feet are jacked up!
by Babie Gurl 74 April 21, 2008
Damn that nigga over there is a BMW!
by DeZ March 24, 2005

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