black man working

an african american male who has a legit job and works in a profession (doctor, lawyer, professor, executive)
ooh i gotta get me a bmw!
by keely von January 10, 2006
black man's women
What does BMW stand for? Black Man's Woman you fool!
by SAW October 08, 2003
black mans wish
yo tyrone just got a b.m.w.
by whitegold L.I.N.Y May 11, 2003
big mexican women
hey bobo look at that fat bitch over there!

you mean that bmw
by Donny22 January 26, 2009
1) black mans woman
2) black mans whip
1)dude 1:DAMN!!! ima get a peice of that!
dude 2:carful son!! , thats a bmw,you'll be sleepin wid the fishes by the end of he night if u dont pick your jaw of the floor!

2)u know dats a bmw, look at them moon-walker rims!
by robin January 20, 2005
Black man's wheels
A black mans car
by Tha First Lady November 03, 2003
black man's weiner, derived from the initials for the car, to classify as a bmw it must be at least 11 inches and tinted black
bmw's are disgustin or he's black, he must have a bmw
by Ballsack July 08, 2004

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