Bart Muni & Walking

How most of us get around in San Francisco.
While in the bay area, I travel by bmw.
by Mickey November 23, 2003
'Body Made Wrong'
That's a nice dress but she has that bmw.
by 1Pro April 09, 2009
A B.M.W is a black man working. A brother trying to work to support himself and those he is in charge over.
A B.M.W goes to work each day and is gainfully employed.
by Angus AR October 09, 2006
Big Mohave Women. Indian women of Mohave County.
"Damn, was that a Buffalo in the middle of the desert!?"

"No, but close! It was a BMW, a Big Mohave Woman!"
by imsoDankbro November 06, 2009
Body made wrong
Man her face is beautiful,but she has a bmw.
by ripdog64 September 01, 2008
built muthafuckin' wrong
that girl is b.m.w., damn, i dont even wanna see her naked.
by 745 February 14, 2008

"Bavarian Motor Works"

or Bitchy Masculan Whore.

dude! i just totalled my BMW! its still in the shop.

did you see that bmw. im not even sure if she's a woman. maybe a tranny?
by pressley?megan September 19, 2008

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