Bayerische Motoren Werke, Or Bavarian Motor Works, Or Break My Wallet.

Company that makes "luxury" cars. It used to make airplanes engines, hence why the logo is of a propelor-esque design.
Check out my new bmw, it broke my wallet.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 May 13, 2006
Beautifully Made Wheels:

Great car. None can come close to the engineering perfection, power and performance of a BMW. Not only does this vehicle have exceptional quality but the dealership and BMW Corporation as a whole treat their customers like GOLD. You wouldnt even believe the extras and perks you get with this car. They go above and beyond for their customers. Ive owned regular vehicles and luxury and all I can say is there is a huge difference. To the guy who says BMW treats their customers like crap, obviously you've never had the privelege of owning one these vehicles and are suffering from BMW envy. Dont worry ,maybe one day when you youll be to afford one to, but i doubt it. In the meantime maybe you should keep posting fradulent definitions for a car you have never driven and probably will never be able to afford.
This car is a sure thing. If you have the cash, buy sure is worth it.
BMW...Goes beyond customers expectations. Trust me, I actually own one- unlike these clowns.
by Proud BMW Owner November 22, 2006
Break My Windows -
Cos people without BMW's smash them up out of pure jealousy.
Hey theres a BMW!
Lets go smash it up cos we can't afford one.
by Murray Lewis November 22, 2003
One of the best motorcycle manufacturers who builds the one of the best motorcycles of the world, besides the pretty nice cars and SUV's. Mostly sturdy and reliable touring bikes, like world traveller's favourite R1500GS, and naked-semi naked sport touring or sport bikes like K1200S-K1200R.(See the picture K1200RS, named "7of9", in Manhattan, by Donald Duck)

BMW bikes called/known as "Beemers", as cars called "Bimmers".
BMW called Black Magic Woman because of the good ol' black BMW bikes...
by Donald_Duck August 02, 2006
"Bavarian Motor Works"

Also known as the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'
BUM 1. Shit, Look at that BMW.
BUM 2. Another one of those things? Get a benz.
BUM 1. Why? A BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine."
by Digita1 Ecstasy July 09, 2003
Bang Many Women / Banging Man Whore
I BMW and I drive a BMW, therefore I am the 'Ultimate Driving Machine' cos I hook up with tons of hot chicks.
by John Shin April 14, 2005
An outstanding car that inspires a lot of hatred from people who could never afford one. Perfect example is 'Carl' and the fag from 'Derby England'. The interiors of BMW's vehicles are outstanding. I work in the automotive industry and know this for a fact. Ive been driving them for 15 years now.
If you want a nice quality car opt for a BMW.
This brand is the definition of 'Luxury' and anyone who claims otherwise has absolutely no knowledge of cars or is insanely jealous.

'The Ultimate Driving Machine'
by Brian Pierson September 14, 2006
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